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Big Creative UK summit 2024

6-8 March 2024

What does the future of the Creative Industries look like?

The Big Creative UK Summit introduces you to the sharpest minds and trailblazers with ideas that will shape our future. Together, we will explore how our sector is empowered by changes imposed on us - from the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to demands for new skills - to drive the systemic transformation we are all striving for. Expect unexpected connections, essential debate, business insights and the brightest sparks of creativity.

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The Big Creative UK Summit is made possible by the support and generosity of our sponsors - we're extending a big thank you to:
Arts and Humanities Research Council
British Council
Lewis Silkin
Presented in partnership with the Mayor’s Cultural Leadership Board
The Open University

Featured Speakers

lucy frazer

The Rt Hon Lucy Frazer KC MP

jude k

Jude Kelly CBE

daniel hulme



Thangam Debbonaire MP

tina d

Tina Daheley

daanish m

Daanish Masood Alavi



Tobi King Bakare

Tobi King Bakare

Summit Overview


An action-packed agenda taking place at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly with keynote speakers, panels, interactive workshops, and debates. Catch up with speakers and meet other colleagues and organisations during refresh breaks or over lunch.


Come sundown, we will get together to enjoy an evening of networking, catching up with friends old and new, sharing experience and insight from across the creative sectors and celebrating our talented creative arts community through exclusive performances.

Virtual Co:Labs

Moving online, we will pick up dialogue from where we left off on Day One, continuing to explore the changes our Creative Industries face, and how we leverage these changes to determine our success via virtual interviews, additional commentary, panel talks and collaborative workshops.



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With thanks to our Member Advisory Group:
Summit theme

Our focus for this year's Summit brings together perspectives across technology, creative investment and the future of skills. Conversations will deliberate how, with the right balance of these, our creative economy can continue to be a remarkable ‘super-charged’ driver of UK economic growth.

1. The AI Revolution

From scripts written by generative AI to personalised bespoke narrations, we’ll explore the future technologies being utilised today and their unanimous adoption across creative practice and business.

2. Investing for a Creative Future

Our creative businesses and arts organisations are still heavily dependent on subsidies. Hear from leading investors, financiers, and scaling enterprises as they investigate how we can migrate towards sustainable investment.

3. What's next for Creative Skills?

Uniting young talent, industry leaders, policymakers and education providers, learn how the Creative Industries are supporting the development of the next generation of imagineers and the evolution of new creative skills.

4. Redefining Creative Practices

Observe how we leverage the boundless possibilities unlocked by emerging experimental technology, and how we use such technology to redefine our creative practices and realise the currently impossible.

5. Valuable Insights

Hear first-hand how creative vanguards and disruptive businesses built the necessary skills to future-proof their craft.

6. The effects on our industries

As our sector faces great change, so comes the possibility for our growth. Join us to consider how we harness technological advancements and navigate a shifting political landscape to determine the success of the Creative Industries.


Who are Creative UK?

Creative UK powers the creative economy. The independent network of the UK’s Creative Industries. Together, we are the world-class investors, innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs who drive change for growth.We are here for those who dare to imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access The Big Creative UK Summit on Zoom?

Accessing the event


If you’ve registered to attend the Big Creative UK Summit, you will receive an email with a link to join Zoom.


Click the link, and you should be taken into our lobby where you can explore the programme, speakers, update your profile, and use the lobby chat to connect with others.


Can’t see an email link to Zoom? Check your junk folders, or you can register to attend here.


Zoom app


We recommend using Zoom on your browser for increased functionality, but you can also use the Zoom app. Download the Zoom app here.


Once registered, click ‘join a meeting’ then select ‘event’ and enter your email address (see pics). You might need to verify your email address, but then you’re in!


Need more help? Find out more in a guide here.

Where is The Big Creative UK Summit 2024 taking place?

The Big Creative UK Summit 2024 will be taking place in BAFTA 195 Piccadilly in London on Wednesday 6 March and online on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 March.

What is your approach to accessibility?

We celebrate difference – respecting the humanity and creativity in everyone. We are committed to improving diversity and inclusion across our organisation and industry by championing a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, identities, talents and physical and cognitive differences.  


You can read our full accessibility statement here 


The Big Creative UK Summit 2024 aims to provide an accessible experience for our speakers, performers, and guests. We try to make sure that there aren’t any barriers that make it difficult or impossible for anyone to engage.  


The summit includes both virtual and in-person opportunities. For the in-person day we are sourcing a venue with full accessibility and we will have a BSL interpreter. For the virtual day, our online platform will be accessible to screen readers and our virtual sessions will support access through captioning, by providing accessible presentations, and by providing information in plain text if required. 


We recognise there are many and varied requirements and if there is something we have missed, please bring this to our attention by emailing 

What happened to Creative Coalition Festival?
Three years ago, Creative UK’s annual festival was founded as the Creative Coalition. Covid-19 thrust the world into unimaginable circumstances, concurrently jeopardising the creative community and its contributions to society. We responded with a virtual event, gathering far-reaching networks in our sector together, to share and discuss issues and ideas, and showcase home-grown and international talent. By bringing people together in stormy days we provided a much-needed antidote to the pandemic, confronting challenges faced by individuals, freelancers and organisations who make up the DNA of our Creative Industries, which enabled the sector to adapt and continue to grow.


In the following years, the festival grew exponentially, piquing the interest of industry experts, burgeoning voices, and established innovators, including Sir Steve McQueen CBE and Ben McOwen Wilson, and as a result we have amassed large audiences nationally and globally. Following feedback from our 2023 festival, it was time for a revamp. The community were keen to come together to learn, debate and discuss in-person and conversate over drinks, keen to support those who work from home or dispersed over large territories, which is why we have retained a virtual element to the event on Day Two. The demands on our festival have widened and our audience’s expectations with them. We hope you agree the new format will provide everyone involved with more opportunity to participate and more opportunity to grow, as we launch The Big Creative UK Summit.

The Big Creative UK Summit will continue to spotlight and analyse the critical issues faced by our Creative Industries, while generating space to exchange ideas, experiences, and expertise at the forefront of culture, creativity, and commerce. This structural re-design will continue to drive industry horizons giving you all the freedom to share space, physically and digitally, with our speakers, changemakers and leaders, and meet fellow creators whose pursuits resonate with your own.

Will you be live-streaming The Big Creative UK Summit?

We are running a completely in-person day in central London on Wednesday 6 March and two completely virtual days on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 March. We are not going to be live-streaming the in-person day as we want to put our resources into making it the best possible event for the people attending in person. On-demand content from the day will be available after the event for a fee unless you are attending the Summit all day, in which case you'll automatically be given access to on-demand content a while after the event.

How can I get involved as a speaker, performer or partner?

Great question! We'd love to hear from you. To get involved as a speaker, performer or partner please email

What is the programme for the in-person day?

We'll be publishing a full programme once it's been confirmed. The structure of the day is as follows:

9:00am - 9:45am: Registration & Light Breakfast

10:00am - 11:30am: Keynotes/Panels/Performances

11:30am - 11:50am: Networking break

11:50pm - 1:30pm: Keynotes/Panels

1:30pm - 2:30pm: Lunch

2:30pm - 4:00pm: Performance/Keynotes/Panels

4:00pm - 4:20pm: Networking break

4:20pm - 5:30pm: Performance/Keynote/Panels

5:30pm - 8:00pm: Evening Get-Together

What sustainability measures are being taken?

Creative UK has recently partnered with tech start-up Zerofy, a UK-based sustainability and decarbonisation software platform. Zerofy will support our organisation’s mission to realise our Planet pledge, placing sustainability measures at the core of our business and creative operations.


You can read more about our partnership here.


Below are some ways you can help to make your participation in the Summit more sustainable.


Domestic Travel

Travel by coach
  • Coaches are the greenest way to travel.
  • Megabus and National Express coach services arrive/depart from London Victoria.
  • Coach is the cheapest form of transport and London Victoria is only a 35 minute tube journey from the Barbican centre.
Travel by train


International Travel

For journeys from Europe, travel by Eurostar
  • Skip airport queues and reduce your carbon footprint.
For journeys further away, book economy class flights
  • Flying economy class emits over 60% less emissions than business class.
Off-set your carbon emissions
  • When all other possibilities for carbon reduction have been explored, look to off-set your remaining carbon emissions.
  • Although some airlines offer you the choice to opt in to carbon off-set online, we recommend avoiding these.
  • Choose a non-profit such as Atmosfair which can calculate a carbon estimate of your route.
A verified carbon off-set project will:
  • Hold an internationally recognised certification (VCS, Gold Standard).
  • Do more than switch one fossil fuel for another.
  • Be monitored to ensure carbon reductions are achieved.
  • Cause no harm to local communities.



Stay at the 'Greenest Hotel in London'...
To explore other sustainable hotels in London, click here to use this net-zero/sustainable hotel search engine.

Recycling & Food

Eat a vegetarian or vegan meal
  • Vegetarian and vegan meals have a lower ecological, carbon and water footprint.
  • Browse the selection of vegetarian/vegan meals on each eatery's menu.
Recycle your personal waste
  • There will be recycling bins around the venue, but it is your responsibility to ensure your waste goes into the correct bin.
Bring a bag
  • There could be samples and freebies at the event, so bring a bag with you to avoid any single use carriers.